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Because of Cancun’s famed popularity as a world class destination, the number of excellent timeshare and fractional ownership opportunities are many. You simply cannot visit Cancun without being tempted to join a timeshare presentation – so, what can you expect?

When you arrive at the Cancun resort where the timeshare presentation will take place, most companies will afford you some time to relax a while and enjoy the resort. Many timeshare companies and residence clubs in Cancun will offer you breakfast or some sort of light refreshment, especially if you had an early pick up.

Following this introductory period where you may meet other similar couples who are interested in purchasing a timeshare in Cancun, you will be led into a presentation hall. Here you will be expected to listen to a talk, usually given by a senior member of staff, which will highlight all the benefits of becoming a member of the timeshare chain or residence club. At this point, you may see videos or slideshows that outline information about Cancun, the resort and the timeshare company from whom you will be buying your unit. By this time you will have a pretty good idea of what is being sold.

Your personal seller will then escort you to the sales room, where you can ask more specific questions. The seller will show you more details about the actual units on offer, showing you floor plans and letting you know about all the amenities and facilities that each unit offers. At this point, you will find out about all the tiers of membership and the benefits of each level of fractional ownership. Ask as many questions as you need to.

Once you have seen the renders or photographs of the units that one day may be yours, you will be taken on a tour, which is often given by another member of staff. You will get to see the rooms in all their glory and check out the views of Cancun’s Caribbean Sea.

After the tour, you will be expected to make a decision about whether or not you want to own a timeshare in Cancun. Listen carefully to all the numbers and the costs, making sure that you understand your responsibilities as fractional owners or timeshare members. You will have to make a decision during this presentations to ensure that you enjoy any discounted prices offered to you. If you like the idea of vacation ownership in Cancun, then this is the time to sign the contract.

Take your time when signing the contract for a timeshare in Cancun and make sure that any promises made to you are included in writing. Remember that owning a timeshare in Cancun can be one of the best decisions you will ever make when you are clear about what you are buying.

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