Timeshare Resales: Scam or Good Investment?

Timeshare Resales: Scam or Good Investment?

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If you are looking for a way to plan ahead and prepay for your vacations with an affordable fixed rate, then a timeshare is the solution. Timeshares are properties that are shared by multiple owners. Timeshares are also known as vacation ownerships, which is ideal for families that are working with a tight budget, but still want to have nice vacations at some of the top, luxury resort properties without burdening your monthly finances. There are many benefits of timeshare ownership, and one of the main benefits is that you will not have worry about maintenance at a timeshare property because the maintenance will be handled for you. You will not ever have to worry about spending your vacation time repairing your vacation property. You will be able to spend your vacation with your family having a good time or just relaxing and making memories with your family on vacation that you all will treasure forever!

Differences Between Real Estate and Timeshares

Have you been considering purchasing a vacation property and started researching timeshares? Do you wonder if a timeshare is a better investment than purchasing private real estate property? There are differences between real estate properties and timeshare ownership, and these differences can help you decide which is the better investment for you, your money, and your future vacation goals. One of the main differences between purchasing traditional real estate property and timeshare ownership is many people will share the timeshare ownership with you. If you purchase a traditional real estate property, you will be the only owner.

Timeshare Owner Sense of Pride

When you purchase a timeshare ownership, you along with many other people will share the property and everyone will have equal financial interest in the timeshare property. Every timeshare owner will spend their vacation at the property during their allocated time each year. When you purchase a traditional real estate property, you will have complete access of the property and you can use the property any time that you want to use it.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Another major difference between a traditional real estate property and a timeshare ownership are the maintenance costs. All of the maintenance costs for a timeshare property will be equally divided among timeshare owners so no one will pay more for maintenance costs than the other. The maintenance costs, repairs, and upkeep to the timeshare property will not overwhelm any of the timeshare owners as the maintenance fees are broke up into equal monthly payments. Maintenance fees are generally quite affordable as they usually cost $20-$50 each month and maintenance fees will provide for the property ground landscaping, the upkeep for the timeshare unit, and amenities, too. Timeshare owners will never have to worry about lifting a finger when it comes to the maintenance and repairs that need to be done. A traditional real estate property owner will have to pay for all the maintenance, upkeep, and repairs themselves to keep the property in great shape.

Timeshare Resale Details

When you were researching timeshare ownership, did you come across timeshare resales and would like to know what the difference is between timeshare ownership and timeshare resales? A timeshare resale simply means it is a timeshare that is being sold by the current owner to a new owner. A timeshare resale is not purchased from the resort. One of the benefits of timeshare resales is the lower price as they are usually sold at a reduced price, which is perfect for people who have always wanted to purchase a more affordable timeshare. Timeshare resales are sold at a lower price because there are no marketing fees added to the price and there are no sales incentive costs, which drives up the price when a timeshare is purchased from a resort.

Timeshare Resale: Scam or Good Investment?

Usually, timeshare resales are 20-50% cheaper than timeshare ownerships that are sold and purchased at the resort. A timeshare resale will be sold at the current fair market price. However, it is extremely important to realize you may be putting yourself at risk for a timeshare resale scam. Today, most timeshare scams are connected to third party fraudulent companies who pose as legitimate timeshare providers. However, they often charge an upfront fee or processing fee to use their services. After they have obtained this fee from their clients, they sometimes disappear as they truly did not have a timeshare product to sell. To protect yourself, it is always best to only deal with a reputable timeshare provider and buy directly from the resort that you want to have a vacation ownership investment with.  If you are ready to plan ahead for all of your vacations, make vacation memories, and save money, then you should consider traditional timeshare to make your money count and avoid potential scams.

Timeshare Resales – Title Company

If you are truly serious about buying a timeshare resale or a traditional timeshare ownership, then you should make sure to use a title company that is licensed and bonded. Using a licensed and bonded title company will handle all of the timeshare purchasing process for you, and they will walk you through all of the steps. They make sure that the deed has been prepared and filed properly, make sure the funds are in escrow, and the estoppel certificate for the timeshare is done. All of these steps, the closing statements, and the recording fees will only cost you one price and nothing more, and then the title work will be given to a licensed attorney for review to make sure all the paperwork is in order.

Are you interested in purchasing a timeshare now that you know all the benefits of timeshare ownership?  The time is now to take control of your financial and vacation future!

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