Timeshare Scam: Renters Beware

Timeshare Scam: Renters Beware

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Do you happen to be an existing timeshare member and you are curious to know how you can be protected from timeshare scams? Don’t worry, because there are ways that you can protect yourself from becoming a timeshare rental scam victim. Both timeshare owners and individuals who want to rent a timeshare can be affected with a timeshare rental scam. Owners just wanting to rent out their unit and individuals trying to rent their vacation time can become a victim. Continue to read below to learn how you can avoid a scam.

Timeshare Scam: Renters Beware

Have you been hearing great reviews about a particular award winning resort, and you would like to rent a week for your vacation? Renters beware. A timeshare scam could happen to you when you are trying to rent out vacation time. You believe that you are dealing with the actual owner, but is it the actual owner? The timeshare rental scam will happen when you pay to book the vacation week, but when you arrive at the resort to start enjoying your vacation you find out that the booking was no valid. You can stop this type of timeshare scam from happening to you if you book the vacation week on a secure rental website that is trusted and safe. You should also call the resort directly to make sure the owner’s name and number is verified, and this should be done before you pay for the reservation. Also, you should also contact the member’s services with the resort to make sure that the owner has added your name as an authorized guest and that your reservation is pending. Doing these things will prevent you from a timeshare rental scam.

Timeshare Scam: Advice for Owners

An additional scam that can happen is when the owner is trying to rent out their timeshare week. Scamming timeshare rental agencies will scam legitimate owners by telling them that they have a renter ready to rent their unit, but there really is no renter, and the fake agency will have the owner to pay a very large upfront fee for their services. Once the fake agency gets the money they just disappear without providing a renter or any service. Don’t become another victim to the timeshare scam. You should never pay any fees upfront before you receive any services. You should only work with any agency or company that will only charge you a commission when they rent out your unit. Any agency or company that charges an upfront fee are usually operating a timeshare scam. The best way you can protect yourself from a timeshare scam is to only work with the resort and in-house services when you want to rent out your unit.

Timeshare Scam: Beware of Identity Theft

Unfortunately, another timeshare scam that occurs is the credit card and identity theft scam. Always remember to never, ever share any of your personal information with anyone! The personal information would include all your credit card numbers, debit cards, banking account passwords, social security numbers, and all online accounts. If you give out any of this information, then you are opening yourself up to be scammed. If you are asked to wire money to the owner, or to secure your booking you need to make a cash deposit, then you are probably going to be involved in a timeshare scam. You should only use rental websites that is reputable and any secure online platforms. This will keep you from being involved in a timeshare scam.

Thankfully, there are not many timeshare scams that have been occurring. Now that you know the warning signs you can protect yourself from being involved. You should always avoid any rental agencies that want you to pay an upfront fees, and you should never give out any of your personal and financial information so you will not have any identity theft occurring. Always refer to the timeshare scam warnings, and both owners and renters beware so you are not scammed, too.

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