Timeshare Scams To Avoid

Timeshare Scams To Avoid

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For anyone considering purchasing a Mexico timeshare with the Tafer Hotels & Resorts, it is important to be in the know to prevent a Tafer Hotels & Resorts timeshare scam from happening to you. While Tafer Hotels & Resorts is a legitimate and reputable resort and timeshare provider that does not operate scams themselves, there still exists a small risk of becoming a timeshare scam victim.  How is this possible? The scam occurs when outside parties claim to work with Tafer Hotels & Resorts and misrepresent themselves to their unknowing victims. We don’t want this to happen to you. Read the tips below so you can easily protect yourself from a Tafer Hotels & Resorts timeshare scam. All your vacations should be everything that you have ever dreamed of and so much more, stress need not apply!

Tafer Hotels & Resorts Timeshare Scam

The truth is Tafer Hotels & Resorts Resorts and timeshare providers are a genuine vacation club that has thousands of satisfied members that consider their vacation as a second home. Their members love getting back to their vacation home in beautiful, sunny Mexico. Tafer Hotels and Resorts such as Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa and Hotel Mousai are incredibly fabulous and luxurious resorts that are the stuff dreams are made of. You are greeted like a VIP with a friendly smile and you can always expect courteous service. The prime location is currently south of Puerto Vallarta, but construction is underway in Cabo San Lucas and the Riviera Maya to extend Tafer Hotels and Resorts incredible properties to new locations.

How Can I Avoid a Tafer Hotels & Resorts Timeshare Scam?

Are you wondering how you can avoid a timeshare scam and protect yourself and your investment? The best and most simple way to avoid becoming a victim of a Tafer Hotels & Resorts Timeshare scam is to only buy and deal directly with Tafer Hotels & Resorts. If you only work with in-house staff members, the risk of a timeshare scam happening to you is essentially non-existent. Remember, if you ever approached by someone who is not affiliated with the resort, or who says they do but are not able to provide evidence, be very cautious. Another warning sign to avoid is if individual takes you on a tour of the Tafer Hotels & Resorts resorts, but then whisks you away and requires that you sign the timeshare contract at a different location, beware! These are sure signs you are dealing with a fraudster. In the past, some of these timeshare scam tricksters present themselves as representatives of legitimate companies in order to scam new victims.

Resale Tafer Hotels & Resorts Timeshare Scams

Have you ever heard of a timeshare resale? There exists another important scam to be aware of that is related to timeshare resales of units at Tafer Hotels & Resorts. The timeshare resale  scam occurs when an outside party says that they can help you sell your timeshare, but this is in fact not true. Often times these fraudulent companies are able to convince legitimate timeshare membership owners that they have an interested buyer for their timeshare and make them pay an upfront fee, but sadly they quickly disappear without performing any service. Unfortunately, some timeshare owners have fallen victim to this scam only to find out later that they were scammed out of the upfront fee.

To conclude,  remember that when you buy a timeshare membership directly from the Tafer Hotels & Resorts directly you are absolutely in no danger of encountering a timeshare scam.  Only when you involve third party companies do you put yourself at risk of getting scammed. Stay alert and we hope you enjoy your valuable timeshare membership and investment now and for years to come!

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