Timeshare Solutions for All

Timeshare Solutions for All

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Timeshares are not for everyone; but for those who do like timeshares, there are a variety of vacation solutions available. Your timeshare membership offers resort stays at some of the best places on the planet! Also, there are various timeshare solutions to explore so you and your loved ones can have affordable vacations.

Timeshare solutions for all kinds of travelers…

Fixed Week Timeshare Solutions

There is no secret as to why this solution does not work for many of today’s employees. The membership requires you purchase the same set of weeks each year. However, if your vacation time varies on your job, you may miss your timeshare weekly allotment since it’s fixed on specific weeks out the year. Whereas this schedule worked well when jobs were more rigid in their vacation schedules, it doesn’t tend to work as well in today’s workforce. As a solution to this solution, the floating weeks schedule was created.

Floating Week Timeshare Solutions

The lack of flexibility of the fixed week schedule led to the floating week schedule. This solution works well for those whose vacation allotment varies each year. So, those using this solution can reserve a week (or weeks) within seasonal periods (like winter or summer) instead of being confined to an exact date range every year.

Points Based Timeshare Solutions

This last solution is the most recommended timeshare solution in this list. The points based vacation club membership is one in which members purchase points to reserve their vacation time. Unlike the previously mentioned timeshare solutions, this solution allows you to book vacations that are not in 7-day or seasonal intervals. So, you have the option of having vacations shorter than 7 days or vacations that can’t be grouped into 7-day slots (like a 13-day vacation for instance).

Since you are using points, you can vacation at any time and at as many locations as you can throughout the year. If the points are there, you can use them! You may even be able to get your meal plans with your points (and other luxuries) depending on what club you choose!

Timeshare Solutions for Exchanges

The flexibility of floating weeks also led to the desire to have more flexibility in where to do one’s vacation. The solution to this demand led to the emergence of exchange companies. These companies offered members options to exchange their resort time with resort time at another resort in another country offering timeshare memberships. One well-known exchange company that has a great reputation is called the Registry Collection and Interval International (or RCI).

Cancellation attorneys are NOT timeshare solutions

If you are looking for a timeshare solution that does not work, the cancellation agency is just for you. This option is a scam. The company promises to help you get your timeshare membership canceled, but they can’t legally get that done for you unless your contract is in the rescission period. So, avoid this solution to prevent being scammed out of your money.

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