Timeshare Upgrades are a Real Solution

Timeshare Upgrades are a Real Solution

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This week’s post is discussing timeshare upgrades. Should you upgrade your current timeshare membership? Will this solve any usage issues that you are experiencing? Unfortunately, some timeshare owners experience that their current level of their timeshare membership is prohibiting them from using and enjoying their timeshare as they would like. Some of these members are falling foul to timeshare cancellation scams that try to convince timeshare owners that cancellation is the only solution. Read on to find out the real solution.

What is the problem?

The problem we are discussing in this blog post is when timeshare owners feel as though they cannot use their timeshare because of their level of membership. That is, they think they are unable to make the reservations they wish to make for their vacations using their timeshare membership. The even greater problem they face is when timeshare cancellation companies claim they have a solution and members fall into a timeshare cancellation scam.

It Must Be a Scam – I Can’t Use My Timeshare

Timeshare cancellation companies will try to convince you that your timeshare is a scam because it seems that you cannot make a reservation for the units and dates that you want. In most of the cases where you can’t seem to make the reservation that you need, it is because you purchased the lowest level of membership. That means you are competing for the most popular units. This is particularly true when you first purchase a timeshare because in order to get the dates and suites that you want, you will need to book in advance. Therefore, a new timeshare member will start off at a disadvantage due to the fact that other timeshare members have already had the time to book their vacations during popular times and popular units. It therefore seems that you have bought into a scam. This is the reason that new timeshare members are often subsequently scammed by timeshare cancellation companies.

Timeshare cancellation scams

Instead of looking for a logical solution with their timeshare company, many new timeshare members will go to forums to complain or to seek advice. The advice they receive from the general public (who are usually people working for timeshare cancellation companies) will point them towards cancellation. Timeshare cancellation companies will then tell you that you can cancel your timeshare—which is not true—charging you a hefty fee and leaving you with unpaid bills with the timeshare company.

What is the real solution to this problem?

If you have purchased a timeshare membership from a genuine and reputable timeshare company, then you should consider an upgrade to your current membership. This will provide you with many options, flexibility, and units. If you do decide to upgrade your current membership, then you should make sure it is an upgrade that you are buying and not another timeshare membership that you will be obligated to pay. Any competitor timeshare company will not purchase your current timeshare. You will be forced to pay for two timeshare memberships along with the maintenance fees for both timeshares too.

Don’t want to upgrade your timeshare?

If you are searching for an alternative to a timeshare upgrade, then you can just bank your timeshare, then you can use it in future years or you can use your points that you banked for a unit that you want. All reputable timeshare companies provide this option to their members. You also have the option of reserving an available week, then exchanging that week for at another destination. You can do this with the Interval International or the RCI exchange networks. Lastly, you can even rent out your timeshare week for extra income. 

Have a Successful Timeshare Membership

If you want to have a successful timeshare membership, then you should look at your membership as an investment. Your finances will grow with your membership investment. One of the best solutions when you are already a timeshare member with a reputable company is upgrading your membership. This will allow you to become successful with your timeshare membership.

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Timeshare Upgrades are a Real Solution
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