Tips for Keeping Healthy

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It was a surprise to everyone how much our lives have changed as a result of the coronavirus and COVID-19 crisis. Countries across the world are trying to adjust a new normal to keep people safe and healthy. Social distancing and stay at home quarantine regulations have been recommended or required in different areas to slow the spread of the virus. Remember to follow the safety instructions issued in your community and practice proper hygiene techniques. Many businesses are planning to reopen this summer, so we will all have to adjust to changes in our daily lives. In the meantime, read our tips for keeping healthy at home.  

Tips for Keeping Healthy

Daily Exercise 

Although most gyms are still closed, daily exercise should be a priority. At home, you can still work out and keep yourself healthy. To start, a yoga mat and weights are easy ways to get active. Plus, you can attend free exercise classes online, too. If in the area where you live allows you to exercise outside, make sure to practice safe social distancing. That means, stay at least two meters away from another person. By doing so, you can still go on your daily run, ride a bike, or take a walk. 

Whip Up Healthy Meals

Grocery shopping is different than it used to be. You can order groceries online from many stores. If you decide to go shopping in person, avoid getting close to others and go early when it is less busy. In addition, make sure to wipe down all your grocery store items once you return home. That way, you can disinfect any surfaces that may have come in contact with the virus. At home, whip up tasty and healthy meals that you and your family will love. You can be extra creative and experiment with cooking now that you have more free time. Many local restaurants are offering delivery and take out options to help keep their businesses afloat during this difficult time. By ordering delivery or take out, you will be supporting them while giving yourself a break from cooking, too. Also, some restaurants will be reopening in the next few weeks or months with new hygiene standards and social distancing standards as well. 

Vitamin D with Sunshine

Getting sunshine daily provides Vitamin D which is good for your health.  You should try to go outside daily for sunshine if you have a yard.  Make sure to avoid the sun during 10:00am to 4:00pm due to the harsh sun rays. Early morning or late evening sun is the best time to go. If you happen to live in an apartment or have no yard, you can still get your dose of Vitamin D by sitting by a sunny windowsill. 

Clean and Organize Home 

Have you been needing to organize and declutter your home for ages, but never found the time? Well, there is no time like the present. Clean out those cluttered drawers and closets. As there are many people financially affected by the coronavirus crisis, set aside old clothes or other household items you no longer want. That way, you can donate clothes, toys and other household items to people in need. Lastly, as you organize your home, it makes sense to deep clean and sanitize as well.

Enjoy Precious Time with Loved Ones 

This difficult time has added stress and anxiety to many people’s lives. However, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed with the changes and the unknown. Instead, keep yourself busy and use this precious time to spend quality time with your family. You can watch movies that you haven’t had time for, or play cards or board games. Later on, you may look back at this time and realize there were many positive aspects about being stuck at home temporarily. For people who live alone, don’t forget to stay in contact with friends and other family members by using free video call applications.  

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