The Truth about Timeshare Promoters at PV Airport

The Truth about Timeshare Promoters at PV Airport

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Most of you have probably heard about the timeshare promoters at the airports around the world in the top tourist destinations. Puerto Valllarta (PV) airport is no different, except that these salespeople have to meet strict regulations to be permitted to work inside the PV airport.

The Truth about Timeshare promoters at PV Airport

The timeshare promoters at PV airport are just eager salespeople promoting amazing vacation club memberships at the best resorts in Puerto Vallarta. They will approach you before you even exit the airport building as they do in other airports.

While the timeshare industry in general gets a bad rap, in Puerto Vallarta you can relax. There are plenty of timeshare providers with highly reputable products for sale. Allow the PV airport promoters just a few minutes of time, and you may be amazed at all they can provide for you and your family.

What the timeshare promoters at PV airport want from you

The timeshare promoters at the airports want you to attend a presentation at the resort they represent, and when they greet you, they will provide you with an invitation to attend. The presentation is around 2-3 hours long and the promoters at the airport will make this process hassle free for you. You will arrive at the resort and enjoy a tasty breakfast, then taken on a private tour of the resort where you will see up close and personal all the amenities there are for your, then you will also receive other fantastic benefits when you are done.

What they can give you

The Puerto Vallarta airport salespeople can assist with things that you may want to accomplish on your vacation. Like a concierge service upon arrival, they can give you tips on the local beaches, where you should eat, a hard to find bottle of tequila, and so much more. The timeshare promoters can also get you a taxi from the airport to your destination and eliminate all haggling and prevent you from lugging around your bags on the local bus. Another benefit is they can provide you with discounted tours in Puerto Vallarta, which include sailing, fishing, and whale watching tours (in season) along with amazing spa treatments, or golfing at the world class courses in Puerto Vallarta. Let these timeshare promoters make your vacation even better with the best deals that they can offer you.

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