Why you should take a vacation to Mexico

Why you should take a vacation to Mexico

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For truly memorable tropical vacations, you could do a lot worse than a vacation to Mexico.  A country of rich culture, scenic destinations, impressive infrastructures and stunning beaches, Mexico’s mountains, lakes, valleys, forests and hills are the talk of the town among nature lovers.  It has many cities worth exploring with museums, restaurants, shopping malls and even ancient ruins; it mixes the traditional with the modern and contemporary.  Aside from all of these, there are other factors why you should consider a vacation to Mexico. Take a look below:

The Nicest People

Mexicans are reputed to be very friendly, warm, hospitable and helpful.  They always flash their sweet smile for anyone they come across on the streets and readily greets them with “Buenas Dias”.  You’ll never feel alienated because they’re such warm and accommodating people, making you feel at home and comfortable.  They give excellent service in restaurants, hotels, resorts and clubs where they treat customers like royalties.  If you find yourself lost in the busy city, you can approach just about anyone for directions and you’re sure to be given assistance and help (although for directions, you might want to ask more than one person to be sure you have the right place).  What makes a vacation to Mexico truly special lies on its most treasured gem:  its people.

The Perfect Weather for a Tropical Vacation to Mexico

The beach areas along Mexico’s coast are a hit for water lovers searching for that wonderful tropical feel.  Mexico enjoys the most ideal weather conditions come the months between October to May when the skies are clear, there’s lots of sunshine and temperatures suitable for any fun filled activities. In the summer months, sun worshipers will thrive in the high heat and delight in the thunderstorms that regularly pass over night. Foreign visitors are amazed by Mexico’s consistent weather conditions that sees hot and warm days with cool nights that are just right for lively nightlife activities like beach parties, drinking sprees and romantic dates.

Excellent Food

Fine dining, traditional dishes, street tacos and sweet desserts are just a few of the culinary delights that await you on vacation to Mexico. Every place you visit in Mexico has its own unique culinary contribution and it is therefore no surprise that Mexico’s cuisine has been protected by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Authentic cuisines are prepared in many ways in Mexico, but one thing is common: they are served to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. Dining options are diverse assuring visitors that there’ll never be a shortage of delicious food options while on vacation to Mexico.


A land full of festivities, cultural shows and fine performances.  Mexico knows how to treat its guests with many events held in the main plaza of tourist areas, providing glitter and entertainment, shows, live performances and music.  You can enjoy the hat dance called “Jarabe Tapatio” or join the elderly in their dance called “La Danza de los Viejitos.”  Visitors can also learn the rudiments of salsa, cumbia and cha-cha-cha through the many dance clubs located within its cities. Mariachi music is another cultural heritage you should not miss out on.

So, what’s the delay? Pack your bags and get ready for a great vacation to Mexico.  It will offer one unforgettable experience you’ll treasure forever.

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