Writing Hotel Reviews

Writing Hotel Reviews

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Writing hotel reviews is a great way to share all of your experiences about staying at a particular resort or hotel and helping other potential guests decided where they wish to stay. It doesn’t matter if your hotel stay was absolutely perfect or the hotel stay was a living nightmare, writing hotel reviews allows everyone including the staff at the hotel and other travelers about your hotel experience.

It is important to know how to write a hotel review, so other travelers can be well informed and they can decide what hotel to stay at. TripAdvisor, TravelPost, and TravBuddy are traveling review sites that will allow you to provide your experience, so others can see and know how the hotel stay was for you. Look below at the tips provided on writing hotel reviews.

Share Information About Yourself

First, you should let everyone know if your trip was for pleasure or for business, then you should let everyone know if you traveled with family members, friends, partner, or business associates. You should let everyone know if you travel often and this will let the readers know that your hotel reviews come with credibility.

Be Specific

You should let other travelers know the type of room that you stayed in and the amenities offered in that particular accommodation. You should add any details of the room too. Any information about the hotel and the hotel property should be added with your hotel review, because many hotel websites don’t tell all the information. You can let other travelers know if the parking areas are easy to get to and navigate along with if there was internet, room service, daily housekeeping etc.

Re-read what you write

When you are writing your hotel reviews you want to make sure that you are very descriptive and informational. You should always make sure that all grammar and spelling is correct to make a good impression. Checking your hotel reviews for errors is highly recommended; alternatively, you can get a friend to double check.

Include Photos of your Stay if Possible

When you are writing your hotel reviews and the website allows photos, then you should add the photos so the readers can see what the hotel property looks like (without filters). You can post photos of a dirty tub or the grounds that are unkempt, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Write about the location

Readers will truly appreciate information such as the cost of a taxicab from the airport to the hotel; whether the hotel is close to a beach, and if the hotel has plenty of activities. You can also add all the popular attractions that is near the hotel and don’t forget to add shopping, dining, and nightlife information.

Were the staff friends and helpful?

It is very important that you let your readers know if the staff was friendly, courteous, or just mean and rude. If you had a concierge that went out of their way to make sure all your needs was met, then mention this in your hotel review. You should always be honest and speak up, even on bad things that the staff has done.

When you are writing a hotel review you must make sure that you are very precise. If your hotel experiences was great and amazing, then write this in your hotel review, and you don’t have to add any little details that really isn’t important. Writing hotel reviews is a great way to let other travelers know how the hotel was and all the perks with the hotel.

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