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Telesales agents seem to be popular once again. If you are not getting a call from an insurance company or bank offering you a credit card, it’s probably a double-glazing window seller. Now and again a good deal does knock on your door, like the recent round of telephone calls from e on 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439.

Last week I received a call from 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439 and was told by a young man named Oscar that I had been selected for a special vacation package. It all sounded a little like y, but I gave Oscar the chance to prove himself. After all, how can I call myself a vacation expert if I don’t investigate this prime opportunity to warn my readers of a potential scam.

As it turns out, 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439 was not Reader’s Digest but a telesales travel agent call Vacation Members that deals with discounted all inclusive packages to Mexico in return for your time at a sales presentation. So, there was a catch after all! However, knowing about the sales presentation actually set my mind at rest as the price was far too generous for there not to be some kind of incentive for the travel agency. I have seen these kinds of deal before and they are genuine packages – you just have to attend a presentation.

The all inclusive packages that I was offered by Oscar on 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439 were for the following destination in Mexico, plus accommodation in Orlando: Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. I checked out some customer review for Vacation Members and all evidence points to the all inclusive packages being genuine and great value for money. Only one couple in the reviews that I read complained about having to pay extra for a third child because the package includes only 2 kids under 12 free – which actually seems reasonable to me when you see how cheap the deal is.

In a nutshell, if you want a cheap vacation package to Mexico, answer the call from 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439, or go to their website on VacationMembers.com.

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