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Cancun is among the top destinations in Mexico for buying a timeshare, with Mexico being one of the thriving countries for selling timeshare because of its close proximity to the United States and Canada. Therefore, with so many timeshare companies in Cancun, the odds are on that there will be at least a handful of people carried away by the dream of vacation ownership hoping to cancel their timeshare in Cancun.

Buying a timeshare from a top resort is a good step in avoiding the need for canceling your timeshare in Cancun for more than one reason. Firstly, when you buy from a resort that has a long record of excellence, you are likely to continue to see the value of your purchase once you get home, with buyers’ remorse being less likely. Furthermore, the better the resort, the less likely it is that you were subjected to hard sell tactics, which means that you are probably very happy with your timeshare and have not be railroaded into buying something you cannot afford. Excellent timeshare resorts in Cancun do not need to pressurize you into buying, the units sell all by themselves.

If you do find yourself in the situation where you wish to cancel your timeshare in Cancun, then the best advice is to find out how long your cooling off period is. This length of time may vary from resort to resort in Cancun although timeshare regulations in Mexico stipulate that this time must be at least 5 working days. Usually the length of time you are entitled to cancel your timeshare contract in Cancun is written into your contract. Beware of timeshare resorts in Cancun that do not offer you a cooling off period. These are likely to be a scam.

After the cooling off period it becomes almost impossible to cancel your binding agreement except in cases of fraud or serve misrepresentation of the property you are purchasing. The best course of action is always to read your contract carefully before signing. Timeshare cancellation in Cancun gets a bad name precisely because buyers do not read their contracts. Once the cooling off period has passed, you must collect evidence in order to successfully cancel your Cancun timeshare contract. Beware timeshare lawyers or attorney who claim to get a full refund for your timeshare, these are most probably a scam.

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