Cancun: Where to Find Great Pizza

Cancun: Where to Find Great Pizza

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Who doesn’t love Mexican foods such as tamales, enchiladas, and tacos? It is hard to find better variety and more flavorful options than in Mexico. However, did you know that pizza is also one of the top favorite foods in the world? Are you planning to head to Cancun for a vacation? If you are, then you may want to know where to find great pizza in the rare case you grow tired of tacos. Read below to see the top seven places in Cancun where to find great pizza.

Top 7 Pizza Places in Cancun Where to Find Great Pizza

#1. Pizzeria La Pizzarra – Located in La Isla Shopping Center

In Cancun, Pizzeria La Pizzarra is a top place for great pizza. Pizzeria La Pizzarra is located in the La Isla Shopping Center, and you will enjoy superior views of the lagoon as you dine. The pizza crust is Italian style, and they also provide gluten free pizza choices, too. This Italian restaurant doesn’t just offer the best pizza, they also have a variety of pastas, meats, and seafood dishes. You can enjoy a delicious cocktail that will enhance your meal. While you are enjoying your meal, make sure you look around at the chalkboards as they state interesting facts and post information about current sport events that may interest you.

#2 Rino’s Pizza Time – Outside of Hotel Zone

Rino’s Pizza Time can be found just outside of the hotel zone in Cancun. This restaurant specializes in delicious pizza and is one of our top pizzas for great pizza in Cancun. If you are vegan or a vegetarian, you will be excited to see that their special menu has options for your diet preferences as well. Guests will enjoy the soft Italian music that plays, and all of the pizzas are cooked in a wood fire, which makes the pizzas taste even better. If you want to try something different to eat other than pizza, then order the penne al salmon with vodka. It is a popular dish at Rino’s Pizza Time that is sure to please the pickiest of palates.

#3 Pizzeria Luna Rossa – Near the Plaza de Toros Cancun

If you are near the Plaza de Toros Cancun, you can dine at the Pizzeria Luna Rossa. All of their dishes and pizza are very affordable, and you will receive excellent service, too. If you love wine, then you will be impressed with their ample wine selection. The Pizzeria Luna Rossa is an excellent place for a lunch or dinner date, and when you arrive make sure you check out their daily specials, too.

#4 Padrino’s Pizza Express – Near the Beach

Vacationers that are on a tight budget and want delicious pizza should go to the Padrino’s Pizza Express. This is a casual bar-style restaurant that is situated near the beach. After you have spent the day at the beach, you can easily go to Padrino’s Pizza Express and enjoy affordable pizza. You can choose to sit outside on the sidewalk, or at the bar where you can relax drinking a cold beer.

#5 Le Fate Ristorante Italiano – Cancun

The Le Fate Ristorante Italiano is the perfect place for a family meal or a romantic evening with your loved one. Their pizzas and seafood dishes are prepared with authentic Italian flavors and spices. One of the favorite pizzas is the 4-cheese pizza. Guests always fall in love with the flavors and tasty crust. In addition, their penne pasta and lasagnas are perfect if you are in the mood for pasta. Wondering what drink to order to wash down all that delicious food? Make sure you order their house sangria because it taste delicious and goes great with any of the pizzas and pastas.

#6 Mr. Lasana – Center of Cancun

Mr. Lasana doesn’t just offer the best lasagna; they also offer the best wood fired pizzas. You will think you are in Italy enjoying pizza. The marguerita and bolognesa pizzas are favorite choices by many. You will want to make sure you save room for dessert, because the apple strudel and classic tiramisu desserts are amazing!

#7 Col Bigolo Ristorante Pizzeria & Shop – Puerto Cancun

The Col Bigolo Ristorante Pizzeria & shop is perfect for Puerto Cancun visitors. This restaurant provides delicious authentic Italian pizza and dishes at a price that everyone can afford. The décor at the restaurant has a hipster feel and vibe that enhances the dining experience. They also provide a nice wine menu that is affordable and high quality. If you would like to try a pasta, then you should order the carbonara spaghetti. It is an authentic Italian dish that you will fall in love with.

If you will be vacationing in Cancun soon, make sure you visit a few of these top 7 pizza places. Which restaurant was your favorite?

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