First Class Honeymoon Flights. What’s the Deal?

First Class Honeymoon Flights. What’s the Deal?

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A first class honeymoon flight is what every newlywed couple dreams of.  What a great start towards that anticipated marital bliss.  It can be quite expensive, but cost doesn’t matter for some as long as they get the kind of flight comfort they expect from it.  Maybe in their minds, it would feel so relaxing to be seated with lots of free space on a soft cushion while the stewardess serves a fine tasting wine or champagne.  But are first class honeymoon flights worth the deal?

  1. The Longer the Flight, the Better it Will Feel Riding First Class

Take into account the distance of the place you’re going to.  Make sure you get the best deal by enjoying your first class flight for a longer period.  If you’re heading for a tropical honeymoon in Mexico or to nearby Caribbean from the USA and Canada, it could be better to choose the economy section of the plane and save yourself some money. There won’t be much difference in comfort flying first class or in an ordinary seat if you are travelling for just a few hours.  Your flight will be over even before you can feel its luxury.  Consider flying first class, if your flight is considered long haul, especially if your are flying with one of the major airlines that offer a true first class; British Airways, Emirate Airways and Singapore Air provide exceptional first class services,  treating you like a king.

  1. Choose an Airline Famed for its First Class

You would be surprised how the first class services differ from airline to airline. As mentioned above, certain airline excel when it comes to providing luxury in its purest form.  Don’t be fooled by tricky advertisements done by most regular airlines about how good their first class cabins are.  Instead, do some research yourself so that every penny you’ve paid will be worth it.  Luxury can mean the most delicious plane food, complete amenities and a spacious heaven- like cabin, not just a simple upgrade from plastic knives and forks to stainless steal.

  1. Think About the Cost

Going on your honeymoon can be very expensive as most people want to have the best of the best on this once in a lifetime vacation. Think twice before paying for a jump from economy to first class for it could mean an additional cost of anywhere between $500-$1,500.  This amount is better spent on some other details like spending a night cruise under the romantic moon in the middle of the ocean; a sweet dinner for two with a talented singer serenading the two of your or a couples spa treatment at a Five Star hotel. For adventure loving couples, pay for an exploration ride in the heart of the jungle or book a skydive together. Before spending the money on first class, see if that money could bring your more memories putting it towards other activities.

  1. Check which plane your will be flying

The type of plane you will be boarding can dictate the quality of your first class flying experience. Ultra-modern planes assure you of a well- equipped flying machine that carries the advantages of having the latest technology.  It’s not just the complete amenities, but also the smooth flight which can virtually send you floating in the clouds.  Usually, newer planes are bigger in size, so you can expect a lot more spacious cabin that has the convenience of a hotel room.  It can make you move easily and more comfortably than a single row seating that smaller jets have. Check what plans serve your root before booking first class flights.

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