Garza Blanca Timeshare Membership Benefits Review

Garza Blanca Timeshare Membership Benefits Review

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Garza Blanca timeshare membership offers a host of great benefits and wonderful privileges.  Consider the following reasons confirming you made the right choice of purchasing a Garza Blanca membership. Check out the Garza Blanca timeshare review below.

Garza Blanca Timeshare Membership Benefits Review

Best Vacations Ever

Get a lifetime of quality vacations in some of the best resorts in Mexico’s best-rated beach destinations. Destinations including Puerto Vallarta and Cancun (with Riviera Maya and Los Cabos soon to follow). Enjoy your future vacations at current prices, saving you money in the long term.

Best Choices

Stay as short a time as two nights or as long as your points allow. Your Club Points will also enable you to stay at different resorts within the same year and choose from a range of different suites of varying sizes. Garza Blanca timeshare reviews show that flexibility is one of the key features that members enjoy most.

Banking or Borrowing Timeshare

Your Club Points can be banked for up to 5 years (1 year for biennial members). You can also borrow up to five years in advance (again, 1 year for biennial members). For banking of points, make sure you bank before the early cut-off date which is the end of October. 

Optional points

An additional set of points called Preferred Points will enable you to enjoy the best summer vacations from May to October (weeks 18 to 43) without having to use your yearly timeshare allocations. These points are “free” in that you don’t pay to have access to them, you only pay for the maintenance fees for the nights you use. This benefit features regularly in Garza Blanca timeshare reviews

Extended Stays

Like optional Preferred Points, you can also extend your stay, subject to availability, by paying for the applicable maintenance fees. You may add an extra day or two to your stay at any of the resorts of your choice.

Members Discounts Card

Garza Blanca Members receive a discount card that is available upon your arrival. Many participating restaurants, stores and bars provide various services at discounted prices when members present their discount card.  The travel agencies at the resorts also offers preferential rates for members with a discount card. Again, this is a popular comment in Garza Blanca timeshare reviews.

RCI Exchanges

Reviews show that many Garza Blanca members are making use of their RCI and Registry Collection exchanges. As one of the top exchange networks in the world, RCI allows Garza Blanca timeshare members the benefit of exchanging reserved weeks for accommodations around the world.

Payment with Points

Various services such as meal plans, spa services, and flower arrangements can be paid for with Garza Blanca timeshare points. Up to 50% of the total cost can be paid for with points.

Referral Program

Do you want your friends to also enjoy the paradise-like resorts and become your neighbor? You will get rewards when you recommend a friend to attend a presentation. An even bigger reward awaits if your friend makes a purchase and becomes a member.

The information contained in this article was based on the official Garza Blanca Residence Club website and based on member reviews found in a number of forums. If you have proof that any of the information is incorrect, please send me an email and I will correct any errors.

If you are a Garza Blanca timeshare members, please add your timeshare reviews in the comments box.


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