Mexican Airport Transport Scam

Mexican Airport Transport Scam

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So, you have purchased your vacation package in a fabulous hotel in Mexico, perhaps you are lucky enough to have a timeshare and are going to visit your home away from home. You think it is a good idea to pre-book your transport from the airport to the hotel when you arrive rather than pay high taxi fares at the airport; or maybe, your timeshare membership includes complimentary transport from the airport to your hotel. This is great thinking! Very organized. All you have to do is get off the plane and someone will be there to meet you. Right? So how is it that when you arrive, you get scammed! Read on to find out how airport transport scams in Mexico work.

Beware Mexican airport transport scams

There has been an increase in the numbers of people being caught up in airport scams, recently; you are particularly at risk if you book in advance and do not pay close attention to the confirmation details sent by your chosen company.

You see scammers hang around airports and will try to convince you that they were waiting for you, i.e. that they represent the company that you booked with. If you do not pay close attention to the confirmation email that you are sent you could be vulnerable to scammers who will usher you into a bus or car quickly. They will certainly take you to your destination, but when you get there you will be charged; they are often competitor companies!

How to avoid Mexican airport transport scams?

There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from transportation scammers in Mexico; first and foremost have your confirmation on your phone (which should be fully charged for leaving the plane), and in the form of a paper hard copy. Check all of the details against the reservation list of the person who claims to be there to pick you up.

Check that they have ID, that they have something stating the name of the company you booked with, and that you are on their reservation list before you allow yourself to be ushered into a vehicle.

What to do when you have been scammed at an airport?

If you do think that you have been the victim of a scam we urge you to take all of the details you can; get the agent and drivers names, the vehicle registration, and the company name if you can. Note down the time at which you were picked up and the fee you were charged, and pass all of this along to the airport authorities. You see, you need a permit to work within an airport in Mexico and so it should be easy for them to identify and deal with those scammers who chance their luck!

We hope this advice helps to keep you safe from scams when you arrive in Mexico!

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