Recommended Puerto Vallarta Hotel for Adult Only Vacation

Recommended Puerto Vallarta Hotel for Adult Only Vacation

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The rise of adult only vacations is hardly surprising; a getaway without the kids is the perfect way for you and your partner to get back in touch with each other, to relax and be pampered. To remember, in short, who you were before the midnight feeds, multiple diaper changes and early school runs that having kids brings along. In Puerto Vallarta these kinds of adult only vacations are popular, and they are only set to become more so since the opening of the AAA 5 Diamond rated Hotel Mousai – the only hotel of this calibre in the city. The Hotel Mousai aims to offer you the most luxurious and unique experience in Puerto Vallarta when it comes to your adult only vacation.

Adult Only Vacations

The city has everything a couple or friend group might need to make their adult only vacation memorable and exhilarating. Like most big vacation destinations it has a plethora of restaurants and bars to enjoy as well as a variety of fine nightclubs and dance clubs. Puerto Vallarta also, however, has a thriving arts scene which includes street performers, art galleries, local artists and theatre productions. If you’re a nature lover you can take part in the many hikes, horseback treks and ATV tours that make the most of the countryside, and of course there are plenty of booze cruises, snorkelling and diving expeditions and water sports for water babies.

Many other adult only vacation hotspots have these things, you might say, so what makes Puerto Vallarta special? Well, it’s the authenticity of the place. Unlike most cities which do big business with tourists in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta was here long before the tourist trade and has kept its own flavour and identity even as it developed and evolved.

Why Hotel Mousai for adult only vacations?

The city is perfect for an adult only vacation, as you can see, but what makes the Hotel Mousai so special, you might ask? Well, the obvious fact that it is the only hotel of its calibre stands on its own; the rooms, bars, and dining options all come up to the standard implied by this rating. But the real selling points are the rooftop pool, the only of its kind in the city, the Spa Imagine, and the restaurants. The Spa Imagine sits on the 15th floor of the hotel and has a world class hydrotherapy circuit and panoramic sliding doors which give a wonderful view of the Banderas Bay. The Hotel Mousai’s restaurant, Hiroshi, provides great Japanese cuisine, and the three gourmet restaurants on the Preserve are also open to you when you stay at the Hotel Mousai.

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