Shills - Timeshare Cancellation Companies

Shills – Timeshare Cancellation Companies

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Internet shills employed by timeshare cancellation companies are a bane for many reputable timeshare companies. Despite the efforts done by many websites and timeshare companies to get rid of these scammers, no one can really stop them with their destructive ways.  With a purpose in hand to steal money from poor timeshare owners, they also cause so much damage on the reputation of top timeshare companies.  These shills are out to destroy the timeshare industry through giving false hopes of cancelling memberships of unhappy timeshare owners. As a whole, they bring in negativities to the very stable timeshare industry.

What are shills from timeshare cancellation companies?

You might have some experiences with internet trolls; they are those who provoke your ire through giving out offensive comments.  They have sick minds, and would want to have nothing else but a fight. Shills are different; they are paid people, like those who work from timeshare cancellation companies.  They join forums, websites and attack timeshare related articles for a purpose of discrediting reputable timeshare companies. Their ways put so much damage and poison the mind of timeshare owners.

How do shills from timeshare cancellation companies operate?

Shills maneuver by giving disturbing comments about timeshare companies, and they usually look for the top one since it has many followings and thus reach a higher number of people. They join complaint forums where people voice out their sentiments, and will offer quick solutions for problems.  They usually come in tandem. The first will portray an unhappy timeshare owner with a particular complaint in mind and is reaching out for an advice.  Then the second shill comes into the picture armed with an advice and solution. On these exchanges of words, many negative things will be said about the timeshare company that discredit its reputation.  Little do they know that cancelling membership is not possible anymore when cooling off period has ended.

Examples of timeshare cancellation shills in action

For example, one person (might be a genuine comment, might be a timeshare cancellation shill), starts a conversation on an internet forum:

“Can someone give advice on how to cancel my Big Life Timeshare membership? I’ve tried everything. I think I’ve been scammed”

Then the timeshare cancellation shill who is working on behalf of the timeshare cancellation company replies as though they are a fellow member of the public:

“I remember having the same predicament as yours, and Mexican Timeshare Cancellation Attorneys came to my rescue.  Their service was swift, and they only charged a minimal fee for everything; a really outstanding company.”

That’s how the make believe scene is carried out: one shill acting as a timeshare owner in limbo, and the other coming in fast with an instant solution to the problem.  The series of comments will comprise of negative things about the timeshare company, and lots of positives for the timeshare cancellation company.  They will make it sound so natural that readers on the same situation can be convinced that there’s help out there.  Again, cancellation of timeshare ownership is somehow impossible at some point in time, and these crooks will simply rob your money.

Remember how these scammer shills work so you can avoid them.  For more useful information, please click here.

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Shills - Timeshare Cancellation Companies
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