Timeshare Cancellation: Is Mexican Timeshare Solutions a Scam?

Timeshare Cancellation: Is Mexican Timeshare Solutions a Scam?

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Timeshare cancellation seems to be a hot topic in some timeshare forums. Have you ever wondered why? You might be forgiven for thinking that timeshare cancellation is a popular search term on Google because so many people are desperate to cancel their timeshare, when the reality is that timeshare cancellation scams would like you to think that you SHOULD be thinking about cancelling your timeshare. Why? Because they want to entice you into their scam.

Beware timeshare cancellation scams

You should beware of contacting a timeshare cancellation company that states they can cancel your timeshare after the cooling off period. This is simply not possible.  There are so many scams that target timeshare owners, especially new members, that you need to be careful of whom you are dealing with.

Is Mexican Timeshare Solutions a scam? Can you trust this company?

It is important that you don’t get yourself involved in a scam with a timeshare cancellation company when you are searching for a timeshare solution. When you are thinking about cancelling your timeshare, you should first contact the timeshare company directly. Discuss with the timeshare company any problem you are having and they may be able to assist you. There are so many different timeshare solution companies that will tell you that they can help you cancel your timeshare, even when you have purchased a legitimate timeshare from one of the best companies. Remember, take caution when you deal with any timeshare solutions company.

Can Mexican Timeshare Solutions Cancel Your Timeshare?  

Can Mexican Timeshare Solutions cancel your timeshare? According to the website, this particular timeshare cancellation service claims it can cancel your timeshare even after the cooling-off period has passed, requiring lengthy negotiations with your timeshare company. This company will work on your behalf for a fee to cancel the timeshare contract for you. The truth is somewhat different than what they claim. When you purchase a timeshare from a legitimate salesroom and timeshare company, Mexican Timeshare Solutions (or any other timeshare cancellation company) cannot legally get your timeshare cancelled even with a lot of negotiations.

Timeshare Options

What are your timeshare options? Your consumer rights provide you with a cooling-off period, during which time timeshare cancellation is possible. The cooling-off period is mentioned in your timeshare contract, allowing you to cancel your timeshare membership without having to hire any timeshare cancellation company to do this for you. If you have passed this time, don’t worry. You have other options. Why not try to just make the best out of your timeshare membership. Financial issues are generally the main reason why people want to cancel their membership, so you might opt to rent out your timeshare vacation time until your financial situation changes. Another reason why people want to cancel their membership is that people don’t have the time to use their vacation time, but if this occurs to you, then you can sell your membership.

You should always avoid any timeshare cancellation companies like Mexican Timeshare Solutions. You should try discussing your problems with the timeshare developer first. Is Mexican Timeshare Solutions a scam? Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

  1. Alejandro Beff

    Scam! Promises and lies! You will just end up paying Mexican Timeshare Solutions to put your credit rating at risk. They tell you the timeshare contract is cancelled but that’s a lie. You won’t realize until you get your maintenance fee bill in the post and demands for the outstanding loan payments you haven’t paid because you thought the timeshare was cancelled.

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