Timeshare Nightmares – Don’t Let them Happen to you!

Timeshare Nightmares – Don’t Let them Happen to you!

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So, you are thinking about buying a timeshare, and all of a sudden, everyone is trying to scare you with timeshare nightmares! Never fear… we have some timeshare nightmares to bring a smile to your face.  Don’t let these timeshare nightmares happen to you!

Timeshare wrinkles from spending too much time in the pool or Jacuzzis

Another top timeshare nightmare is getting wrinkled skin from spending too much time in the Jacuzzi or pools. You can eliminate this timeshare nightmare by limiting your time to ten to fifteen minutes. Timeshare wrinkles are easy to avoid with the right strategy.

Hangovers that Last More than a Week

You must be very careful, because hangovers can last over a week when you are on vacation at your timeshare. You can avoid this top timeshare nightmare by keeping yourself hydrated with drinking water between each alcoholic beverage.


Life can be so tough when you are vacationing at your timeshare. Who knows, you may just find yourself so relaxed that you laying on the beach on your stomach during the midday sun. You don’t want to forget to put sunscreen on your feet, so you don’t end up with sunburnt feet! Sunburn is a clear timeshare danger you must beware!

Gaining Weight

Eating too much while enjoying your timeshare is a common danger that timeshare members report. If you really can’t resist all the desserts, then make sure you spend some time at your timeshare resort’s gym or do some lengths at the pool each day. Protect yourself from timeshare belly tires.

Getting caught on camera

Getting caught acting like a fool is a common timeshare nightmare; that is, being caught on camera while singing karaoke or dancing salsa with your timeshare neighbors is a potential danger or timeshare vacations. You can eliminate this timeshare nightmare by making sure that all of your friends have been drinking more tequila shots than you have before you start singing karaoke.

Spending Day and Night with your Spouse

Spending day and night with your spouse is not for everyone. A timeshare nightmare can definitely occur when you spend 24/7 with your spouse. Every couple should spend some time apart and you can do that by going to the spa during your stay.

These are just a few of the top timeshare nightmares. Don’t let them happen to you!

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