Timeshare Scams: Refunds, Cancellation and Recovery Scams

Timeshare Scams: Refunds, Cancellation and Recovery Scams

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The timeshare industry has always, sadly, been targeted by fraudsters and scammers seeking to make a quick buck. It can incredibly difficult to believe that people would go to so much trouble to lie convincingly, but they do! Here are some hints as to refund, cancellation and recovery scams operate and why they target timeshare owners and prospective clients.

Have you been added to the sucker list?

There are, believe it or not, things called “sucker lists” which contain the names, phone numbers, and addresses of people who have already paid into scams or “too good to be true” promotions. These lists are sold to crooks who target the names listed for all kinds of scams, including timeshare refunds and recovery frauds. The idea is that if you have been gullible to a scam before, you are more likely to fall twice.

How do refund, cancellation and recovery scams target their victims?

Many people do not even realize that we’ve been a part of a scam; you might have paid money to enter a bogus competition, invested money in a business opportunity, etc. What keeps so many of these scams under the radar is that they are small money schemes, and so we don’t think too much of it when we never hear from them again. When it comes to refund and cancellation scams, the fraudsters may have gotten your name from a “suckers list” or they might have taken your details from a website you considered when looking at ways to cancel your timeshare. If they know you’re open to their scam all they have to do is find the right angle.

Protect yourself from timeshare refund, cancellation and recovery scams

When it comes to timeshare refund, cancellation and recovery scams, the advice we have for you is simple: any company or person which claims to be able to do this is most likely a scam. A timeshare contract is a legally binding agreement, and so there are very few ways in which you can actually break the contract unless you were mis-sold the timeshare in the first place. If you feel you do have grounds for cancellation start by talking to your timeshare provider.

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