Top 10 Advantages of Vacation Clubs

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It may be of benefit before we start looking at the advantages of vacation clubs to outline what they are and how they function. Vacation clubs are very similar to the concept of buying a physical timeshare but rather than owning a share in one property, you buy points that you exchange for a timeshare property anywhere in the world. Similarly, if you already have a timeshare week or two you can add the property(s) to the inventory of a vacation club in exchange for points that you can then use for units in other destinations

10 Advantages of Vacation Clubs

1. Great Destinations
Vacation clubs exchange the best destinations worldwide, so there is always something to appeal to all kinds of people. What everyone has in common who joins a vacation club is a desire for great quality accommodations.

2.Large Comfortable Accommodations
Timeshares are generally much bigger than hotel rooms as they are sold as second homes. Most have kitchens, balconies and communal living spaces.

3. Pay only for the time you spend there
As opposed to full ownership you only have to pay for the time that you spend in the timeshare property. Vacation clubs provide the extra advantage of being able to split your timeshare week and use your points for weekends or shorter stays. You can then bank the leftover points for another occasion.

4. Convenient
Vacation clubs make choosing where to vacation very flexible. Depending on your membership privileges you can choose the type and dates of when you travel without having to stick to the same timeshare weeks every year.

5 Money Savers
Larger accommodations mean that you can fit more of your family and friends in one suite in comparison to standard hotel rooms and reduce the costs of eating out by cooking in the unit.

6. Frequent Vacations
Like owning a timeshare, you are encouraged to take regular vacations to make the most of your investment. It may only be a psychological benefit but experience shows it to have a positive effect.

7. Easy Vacations
Vacation clubs make it easy for you to choose, easy for you to book and easy for you to plan. Book online or over the telephone, no hassles and no eternal searching on the internet, only great service.

8. Have All Your Timeshare Properties in One Scheme
You can turn your fixed week timeshares into flexible options by adding them to a vacation club inventory, exchanging the dates, location and even type of accommodation as you wish.

9. Cruise Swapping
Swap a timeshare for a cruise. Some vacation clubs exchange cruise vacations for points.

10. Special Offers
There are a number of special offers and discounts available to members, and sometimes you can get deal on flights.

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Top 10 Advantages of Vacation Clubs
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