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Due to a number of comments I found on my blog and those of other vacation advisors about Vacation, I began investigating Vacation Members’ reviews to see what services are offered by this online travel agent, in order to ascertain if it was a genuine company or a scam.

Vacation Members’ reviews indicate that the company is a legitimate travel agent and that the offers you find online are genuine and will be validated if you meet certain criteria. Not everyone will be eligible for the large discounts offered by the website, and that is generally the cause of any complaints that I found about Vacation Members. If you do not meet all the requirements, you will not be eligible for the quoted discounts.

For those of you who do meet the requirements, which are elements such as being married, being over 30 and so on, you will have the chance to book cheap vacation accommodation through Vacation Members for destinations in Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, as well as a special promotion for vacation accommodations in Orlando.

Vacation Members’ reviews all point to the fact that if you are eligible for the discount, these vacation prices are the real deal and are guaranteed to be cheaper than any other offer for a similar quality hotel in the destinations featured on the website. In order to benefit from these offers, you can call the toll free number on 01 800 345 7439 or enter your details in a form online so that one of the Vacation Members team can contact you by telephone.

It seems that the best way to book these highly discounted vacation accommodations is by talking to a Vacation Members agent to ensure that you meet all the requirement. Remember to be honest, as if you cannot meet the prerequisites you will be charged the full price of your vacation.

So, if you receive a call from a Vacation Members agent on 01 800 345 7439, you can rest assured you will be offered a genuine discount for vacation accommodations.

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