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As a vacation expert, I often receive comments or questions from my followers about new scams and vacation frauds, most of which I try to follow up and investigate. The latests stream of questions I have come into contact with are questions about the trustworthiness of, 1-800-345-7439. appears to be a fairly new company online yet it offers cheap deals at some of the most reputable hotels and resorts in Mexico, specializing in the destinations: Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta (Orlando too). So, I put myself to the task of finding out if, 1-800-345-7439 is a fraud or the real deal.

To start, I took a look at the website to see what offers were available. I was impressed by the options for some great accommodations in top vacation destinations, and the prices seemed extremely generous. I realized why so many of you were wary – cheap often means a scam. So, I tried to make a reservation online and found that I had to call on the toll free number 1-800-345-7439 first to speak to an agent or request a quote. For me, this was much better, I prefer to speak to a real person.

I called, 1-800-345-7439 and was attended by a really friendly agent, Matt. He was incredibly knowledgeable and it was really hard to decide which destination I preferred to reserve in Mexico. He suggested that as I was on the East Coast, Cancun’s flights would be the cheapest and quickest. Orlando also looked like a super deal. Anyhow, part of the reason why you have to call, 1-800-345-7439 is so they can assess if you can receive the discounted promotion. You see, not everyone will qualify for the low prices and you have to agree to attend a sales presentation when you arrive.

Matt asked me a list of questions and when he was sure that I met the requirements, he proceeded to make the reservation. He advised me to read very carefully the conditions of the reservation that we would send, paying attention to what is required for the discount to be deemed valid. When I pulled out at the last minute, I was surprised at how friendly he was. He tried to change my mind, of course, but he wasn’t aggressive as I would have expected of a scam. Instead, he sent me a summary of my hypothetical vacation reservation, just in case I changed my mind.

Nevertheless, as I had not made a reservation, I still had doubts about whether or not was a scam, therefore I took to the vacation forums and did a little deeper research. I found only positive comments about both the vacation accommodations and resorts included in the cut price deals offered by Many who had taken a vacation through were really happy and said that the presentation took no time, nor were they targeted afterwards for not buying.

I’d be happy to put my money on, 1-800-345-7439 not being a scam. Leave your comments here and help other make the right choice.

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