Why You Can Have More Sex on Vacation to Mexico

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The last thing we think about at the end of a busy day is sex. We may well think about having sex, but usually we are just too exhausted. We work too much, the children keep us busy, and our late nights is just a few of the reasons that sex is put on the back burner. Isn’t it funny that when we take a flight to Mexico to vacation that we end up having more sex than when we are at home? Why is it that we can have more sex on vacation to Mexico?


No Children Around
Children can drastically affect our sex lives. We all love our children, but let’s face it, they can definitely damper any romantic mood. When you take a vacation to Mexico without your kids, then you will be able to light that romantic fire. When you enter your Mexico hotel suite, and you don’t hear screaming kids, then you will be able to focus on your partner fully. You will have all the time to yourself and your partner, so you can start making love that you didn’t get to at home. Take advantage of this time, and catch up on your sex.

The Hot Sun
Do you notice that when the sun is shining and the weather is hot we are always in a better mood? This is because the sun provides us with Vitamin D, and Vitamin D puts us in a better mood, and triggers our sex hormones. This is one reason that we when take a vacation to hot, sunny Mexico we are in a better mood, we feel sexy, and the romance comes naturally. Do you notice that when you are in Mexico vacationing that you usually are wearing less clothing, because of the sun? Who doesn’t get turned on when they see someone in a sexy summer outfit? This will immediately get your blood boiling, and have you engaging in more sex.

A Little Alcohol
A little alcohol will start you on your way to feeling relaxed on your Mexico vacation. You can enjoy a couple of delicious margaritas or even a shot or two of tequila, and before you know it all your problems are gone, and you will start having fun. A little alcohol will boost your confidence and give you courage, which is the start to feeling sexy. You will have the confidence to flirt with someone, and if your partner is with you, then it will set the mood to romance, but if you are single, then you will be able to walk up, start a conversation with an attractive person sitting at the bar.

A Foreign Land
Mexico has much to offer than in your own city. Couples traveling to Mexico will be able to relax, rekindle romance, and put you in a better mood. Single people will be able to meet new people, have romance, and maybe even sex, without feeling guilty. The good thing is you won’t see this person again, so all guilt is gone.

Different People
When you go out to a club in your own city you always seem to run into the same people. Everyone you meet looks the same, talks the same, and when you are dating, this can be a bore, and little to no sex. When you vacation in Mexico you will be able to meet new and exciting people. There will be people from around the world also vacationing in Mexico. It’s wonderful! You can meet people from all walks of life, talk about their culture, and you will have more chances to find someone that is exactly the type of person you are looking for, and having sex increases too.

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